Why have Renter Ratings?

One day while on holiday with my family at a stunning vacation rental home I stopped and thought to myself “This is such a gorgeous home, the owners clearly spent millions of dollars creating this architectural masterpiece”. And as the home owner, the last thing you would want is to have a bad renter come in and destroy everything you worked so hard for.

I’ve also had the good fortune of being a landlord of a basement apartment. As a landlord, the renter may or may not provide references. And if all goes well, you end up with great renters. But why take that chance?

So what are some of the dangers of a ‘bad’ renter?

Have they previously damaged rental property? Have they got an unsavoury past? A run in with past owners? One bad decision can cost you untold costs in water, fire, property damage.

What is the solution?

The solution is a quick search of the renter BEFORE you take him/her in. And it’s as simple as clicking here.

On the positive side, we also recognize that there are great renters out there as well. You know who you are. You clean up after yourself. You leave a place as clean as you got it. And we believe you should be rewarded. That’s why we have our Sponsorship program for rental owners looking for great renters. Smart rental owners want you, and they’ll take care of you to get you.

So jump in and find your perfect renter and get the rewards you deserve.