Top 10 things to start planning around your vacation rental now for the new year (Christmas + Holiday bookings are sadly over).

If you’re reading this, and it’s still not the new year, it probably means the year end holiday season is over for bookings, you can start tallying the totals to find out where you netted. wishes you a happy holiday season with hopes that the year end brought you into the black (and hopefully, into the ‘Green’, as in green dollars in profits!).

If however, it was a more challenging year, not to fret, we can start planning on the new year and get a jump start on making it your best year EVER! To get you started, here’s our year end “Top Ten things to start planning around your vacation rental now for the new year”.


Here they are:

10. Use some of that money you’ve set aside to plan and fix those items that you’ve meant to do (but never got to) through the year ex. put down gutter guards, fix the drainage at the side of the house etc…

9. Review your Google Adsense and Adword campaigns. You haven’t looked at them all year (actually, you’ve never looked at them since you signed up). Now is the time to a peak. Who knows, maybe you’re kicking it. Or maybe you need to just tweak a couple of campaigns like remove poorly performing keywords and grabbing a couple of new highly competitve keywords.

8. Get out of my dreams and into my car. Ok, maybe I’m not Billy Oceanq, but you should jump back on to forums and community chats. It’s healthy, it’s therapeutic, it’s good for business.

7. Skim those positive reviews from your guestbook (remember that thing?) and make them work for you. Afterall, that’s what it’s there for right? Throw out the bad ones and publish the good ones (jk – we review the bad ones and address each one personally… that’s the next top ten item actually!).

6. You’ve put your good testimonials front and center on your web page. Excellent. Now address those people that had some feedback for you, that maybe you didn’t necessarily agree with. ¬†Everyone is entitled to an opinion and everyone is different, so take that to heart and find out if you can make your place more agreeable to a more diverse clientelle (usually, that means more profits). Start by emailing, calling or writing each past client back personally. They’ll appreciate it.

5. Give that grout line in the bath a good once over. If not completely remove the old and recaulk with new (bath/mildew resistant 100% silicon caulking – nothing less), then at least a good stiff bristle scrub and wash.

4. Give that toaster oven a new life, as in chuck it and get a new one. They start getting nasty looking with all the caked on bits, but if you can spare a good 45 minutes, by all means, take a good brush to it.

3. Have your carpets seen better days? Perhaps it’s time to give them some TLC and get professional carpet cleaning. Or mabye you need to just ditch them altogehter and lay down new carpeting. Consider using a beautiful area rug OVER an exisitng wall to wall carpeted room. It’s a nice way to quickly update a room with out a huge sacrifice in time and money (and it’s easily replaceable).

2. Send out personal invitations directly to your past clients. Studies have shown that your best clients are your past/present clients. So much so, that statistics show that it often can cost three to four more times in cost to attract and attain a NEW client than it is to just keep an existing client to continue to repeat his/her business. If you’re a Mac user, iPhoto has a built in greeting card tool and the iPhone/iPod has great greeting card tools in the app store. For as little as $5 per card, you can send a beautiful, heavy stock, personalized greeting/invitation card directly to each of your past clients. It will be the best money spent. Take my word on this.

… and last but not least. Drum roll please.

1. Start using a Peer reviewed Renter Rated Score for your clients. This one step costs you nothing, yet can save you untold costs in repairs and legal costs against really poorly chosen clients. And the best part? It’s easy because you’re already here! Just click here.

All the best!