How to boost your occupancy rate… with reputable qualified and rated renters.

Well the above title certainly is a mouthful but for good reason. Here’s why.
If you’re an existing Rental Owner you’ve likely at some point asked yourself this question. “How do I increase the occupancy rate of my unit?”.

I’m not going to try and answer that question for two reasons.

1. My rental is nearly always at 100% occupancy.
2. I’ve only been a Rental owner for about seven years.
3. I’m by no means an expert in that area (you caught me, that was a third reason).

So why then am I writing about “increasing your occupancy rate…”? Well, to be specific, I’m not. What I am writing about is increasing your occupancy rate with more…

Reputable, qualified and rated renters.

Let’s make that perfectly clear, I’m not writing about tips and tricks that will boost your general occupancy rate. I’m talking specifically about getting more good.. no great, renters that aren’t likely to go bananas on your unit. Less people who abuse your hard work and dedication. Less people who continually leave the trash inside on exit, who do not load the dishwasher, who use up copious amounts of linen, who track dirt all over inside, who chip counters and break stuff.

My answer is going to be self explanatory since you’re reading this at The short answer…

“Know who you’re renting to”.

(What? That’s crazy. It’s not that simple).

Yes it actually can be. Know who you’re renting to or you risk getting just “anybody”. And that anybody can be the one person who brings down all your hard work and savings.

So how does one get know their potential renter? Well what I’ve done in the past with my renters is to actually google them. I visit their Facebook page, Instagram and their Flickr accounts, and whatever other online identities they may have. These are excellent ways to give you some insights into your potential renter, which I highly recommend. Unfortunately we don’t usually have this much time to do this much homework. That’s where finding a rated renter with a…

Peer Reviewed Renter Score

becomes important.

And here’s why it’s important:

  1. it save you time, which you don’t have.
  2. it provides you a qualified renter based on scores submitted by your peers.
  3. it provides you renters that have been authenticated by a third party (coming soon).
  4. it’s quick and easy. With just a few clicks you see a graphical STAR score rating averaged over all his/her ratings.

But getting back to the original point, how can you increase your occupancy rate with reputable qualified and rated renters. Well, your first step may be to become a Certified VRR Sponsor. As a Certified VRR Sponsor, you get all of the above and the credibility that comes with carrying the Certified Sponsor badge on your web site. Your badge tells viewers that you’re serious about your Rental and that to get the best you have to be the best. It also tells your prospective renter that they’re going to be treated special if they have a good score. Only upstanding Rental Owners can carry this seal, we ensure this by conducting random audits and checking with peers within the community.

300 x 108 Certified Sponsor badge

Certified Sponsor badge


… oh and by the way, if you were looking for ways to increase occupancy in general I feel like I have to give you something. I’d recommend visiting this site.
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