How it works – Home Owners

Great. So you want to know, as a homeowner, what Vacation Renter Ratings (VRR) means to you?

Simple and easy


Vacation Renter Ratings is best described as an “Open Sponsor System” that operates on an honour system. By using our VRR rating system, you gain insight into your potential renters BEFORE they rent. Will they respect your property? Will a renter treat your rental with care? Or will they ruin all your hard work? In other words, are they renters from hell? This invaluable insight is expressed in a simple to understand Averaged Star Rating System. And it’s entirely free of charge.


Vacation Renter Rating star rating sample


All we ask in return (and you may already be providing some or all of these perks now for free anyway) is that you consider being a ‘VRR Sponsor’. A VRR Sponsor basically means, you will consider providing free rewards like discounts or perks (exactly what, is entirely up to you) to your renters based on his/her VRR rating. You’re in no way obligated to offer anything, but we believe…

The Law of Attraction: Good People Attract Good People.

Everyone Wins.


  • If your renter has offered their VRR rating to you at the time of booking, that is your indication that the renter is participating in this program (and likely a good renter too). You as a Rental Owner, always have the option to look up your potential renter free of charge at the the time of the enquiry (even if your renter has not told you his/her VRR rating).
  • Simply log in to, look up the renter and review his or her average star rating, before getting back to him or her. Is your Renter not listed? Optionally, ask him/her to get rated as part of your reference check.

A 9+ Star rating is considered a GOLD rating. That’s pretty darn good. It means, they left your place as good or better than they received it.
An 8 Star rating is a SILVER rating. Not a bad rating. It could mean that they didn’t load the dishwasher and visibly tracked in dirt.
A 7 Star rating is a BRONZE rating. Not so good. The dishwasher was not loaded, China was chipped, linen were stained, they didn’t take out the garbage on exit and the place was left generally untidy.


So what could a Renter receive as a VRR Sponsored Reward?


  • A 9+ Star rating
    Suggestions could include, discounts at the Spa for two, attractions and amenities. A discount off their next booking at any one of your locations, preferential booking arrangements, complimentary gourmet coffee and a bottle of wine.
  • An 8 Star rating
    A local discounts booklet package offered by local services that you’ve pre-arranged a deal with. And a bottle of wine.
  • A 7 Star rating
    Could perhaps entitle you to the discounts booklet only. It also may make you think twice about this Renter.

The above are just ideas. You’re free to create your own Sponsor Rewards.


As an Open Sponsor honour based system,

the choice of the rewards is always yours to make.


Vacation Renter Ratings is simple and easy, with no commitments to you nor the renter. Good renters get rewarded. Owners get the best renters. Everyone wins. So don’t wait, join VRR now.