How it works

We believe that great renters deserve that extra butter treatment when it comes time to rent, like discounts at the local Spa, dining and attractions or maybe even just a bottle of wine.

Home Owners get peace of mind knowing whom they are renting to by viewing the Renter’s Averaged Star Rating.

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Home Renters earn rewards by receiving positive reviews from homeowners. Rent a minimum of two homes (past or present), get rated for each one and we’ll automatically calculate your average star rating.

Ratings nine and above are a Gold Rating, an eight is a Silver Rating and a seven is a Bronze Rating. Each level will award the Renter a reward based on their rating. (Rewards are independently controlled and sponsored by Rental Owners. Exact awards are at the discretion of Rental Owners).

To get started, enter your information in any combination of three ways:

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  3. Add a Renter

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